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The Rise of UPI Payments in Digital India: Swiggy Joins the Fray

The Rise of UPI Payments in Digital India: Swiggy Joins the Fray

Introduction: In the era of Digital India, UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payments are growing at an unprecedented rate. According to data from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), transactions through UPI surged by 49 percent in June alone, reaching approximately 14 billion transactions. The rapid growth of this payment method has attracted numerous new players into the UPI market, including notable entrants like Swiggy, a prominent food delivery company.

Swiggy Enters the UPI Market

Swiggy has recently launched its UPI service, marking a significant move to reduce its dependency on third-party payment apps. The company aims to provide enhanced convenience for its customers and streamline its payment process. This service is expected to benefit both Swiggy and its users by minimizing the need for external payment applications and reducing the likelihood of payment failures.

The Benefits for Customers

For customers, the integration of Swiggy’s UPI service means a smoother, more seamless payment experience. Once an order is placed, there’s no need to switch to another app for payment processing. This in-app payment functionality simplifies the transaction process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

The Advantages for Swiggy

From Swiggy’s perspective, the new UPI service is a strategic move to enhance operational efficiency. By reducing reliance on third-party apps, Swiggy can better manage the payment flow and address issues such as payment failures more effectively. This move is expected to foster a more reliable and robust payment infrastructure within the app.

Understanding the UPI Plugin

Swiggy’s UPI service operates through a UPI plugin, a feature introduced by the NPCI in 2022. This plugin allows businesses to facilitate payments directly within their own apps without requiring a third-party license. The UPI plugin streamlines the payment process, enabling customers to complete transactions without exiting the app, thereby reducing the chances of payment failures.

Testing and Launch

According to a report by Moneycontrol, Swiggy has been rigorously testing its UPI service internally with its employees before rolling it out to customers. This testing phase has been ongoing since the previous month. Swiggy plans to launch the UPI service to its customer base in a phased manner over the coming months, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

The Current UPI Market Landscape

As of March 2024, the UPI payment market is dominated by two major players: Phone Pay and Google Pay. According to NPCI data, Phone Pay holds a market share of over 48 percent, while Google Pay’s market share stands at slightly above 3 percent. These figures highlight the competitive landscape of the UPI market, with new entrants like Swiggy poised to carve out their niche.


Swiggy’s entry into the UPI market is a testament to the growing importance and adoption of digital payment solutions in India. By integrating UPI directly into its app, Swiggy aims to provide a seamless payment experience for its customers while enhancing its own operational efficiency. As the UPI market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how new players like Swiggy contribute to the digital payment ecosystem and drive further innovation in this space.

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